HyperX Cloud Mix Review

HyperX wants to attract a little more from the consumer side of the players. The company has removed the new HyperX Cloud Mix headphones, with the intention of offering players headphones that they can use in the game and whenever they want. But is HyperX successful in offering an experience that translates between gaming and everyday life? We are testing the HyperX Cloud Mix headphones. This is our HyperX Cloud Mix Review.

HyperX Cloud Mix review design

The first thing you notice about HyperX Cloud Mix is ​​that it looks like a HyperX headset – but with some significant changes. In particular, it features many design elements similar to those of HyperX Cloud Alpha, although without the red details. We think it’s good for a HyperX headset that you want to take with you.

HyperX Cloud Mix Review

You’ll find the silver HyperX logo, along with a few different controls on each headset. On the left ear protector, you will find an auxiliary port and a microphone jack, as well as a multi-control button, used to play and pause music and answer phone calls. The right ear protector has volume control, as well as an on / off button and a MicroUSB port. We are a little disappointed to find MicroUSB in this headset. It’s 2018, and the industry is switching to USB-C, releasing a device with MicroUSB dates directly.

In addition to the MicroUSB port, the headset is quite stylish and modern. It has a lot of padding on the ear protectors and the headband and a durable metal structure that holds everything together. There is a substantial amount of plastic in the headset design, but it is sturdy yet relatively light, which is always useful. The cabling is also reliable – it is protected with braided nylon and we don’t think it breaks easily.

This is a headset that you can use in different situations. They are headphones and, as such, are a bit thick to use. However, this does not mean that they are not suitable for daily use – we find them particularly useful for use at home, for example.

In the box, except for the headphones, you receive a removable microphone, an audio / microphone cable splitter, a MicroUSB charging cable and the main cable with a small remote control that allows you to quickly turn off the microphone when needed. There is also a carrying case, which is an excellent addition – especially for a pair of headphones that are supposed to be portable.


HyperX is no stranger to building comfortable headphones and HyperX Cloud Mix headphones are no exception to this rule. As already mentioned, there is a lot of filling in the headphones and the headband – making it easy to use the headphones for hours on end without problems. Like gaming headsets, they are not as comfortable on the head as the SteelSeries Arctis series, but are still easy to use for long periods. This applies to game use and daily use – the only situation in which these headphones would not be suitable is at the gym or while running.

HyperX Cloud Mix review sound

In the end, the most important thing is to consider how the headphones play – and they must also seem reasonable for different situations. Are they doing this? Fortunately, they do – but they are not perfect. Let’s start with the bass, which is usually powerful and deep. For gamers, this is good for giving things like explosions a little more strength, while music lovers enjoy the extra power you get from the drums. The midrange is also well adjusted.

The lower mid range is pleasant and warm, while the upper mid range appears to have had a slight dip – which helps to give the headphones a modern feel. Fortunately, this dive is not very big – the vocals, for example, can still go through a mix well. The high end sounds great on these headphones. The cymbals get beautiful clarity when listening to music, while details like steps sound nice and clear during playback.

HyperX Cloud Mix Review

The lower elevations appear to have some of the highest dives, but overall we enjoy the amount of clarity and detail that HyperX Cloud Mix has to offer. Part of this has to do with the fact that the headset is certified for high-resolution audio – which is great for audiophiles who want detailed sound. So, is the headset the right choice for gaming and everyday use? Well, it is. Hyper X Cloud Mix was great in all the tests we did, which is great news for anyone who wants something versatile.


HyperX Cloud Mix is ​​HyperX’s first Bluetooth enabled headset and is connected to your listening device via Bluetooth 4.2. This offers a listening range of 33 feet or up to 10 meters – and we thought they were good at maintaining connectivity without a lot of jumping or jumping during playback. When it comes to the battery, you get 20 hours – which is great. In addition, you will likely use the headset in wired mode during games, which means it will be ready for use for much more than 20 hours on a single charge – and you can charge the headset while using it, the that benefits the battery. We believe that 20 hours is more than enough for most people interested in purchasing the HyperX Cloud Mix.

Completion of HyperX Cloud Mix review

HyperX made a homerun with the HyperX Cloud Mix headset. The headset is comfortable, well designed and sounds great, making it an excellent choice for players who want a headset that they can use in everyday life. However, there is a problem – and that is the price. The headset costs $ 200, which is not cheap. It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a great gaming headset, you can opt for something like the SteelSeries Arctis 7, which is $ 40 cheaper and one of our favorite gaming headsets. Or maybe you want something that is generally for everyday use, in which case something like the $ 150 Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT may be a better option.

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HyperX Cloud Mix offers a better gaming experience and Bluetooth features, but the price is high. And the goal of fitting into two niches means that it doesn’t stand out.


  • Clean sound
  • Quality construction
  • AptX Support


  • A little tight
  • How to pay for two headphones

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