How to Enable Copy paste in CMD – Windows

By default, Windows does not allow users to copy text and paste at the command prompt or Copy the textual content from the command prompt (cmd) and paste it elsewhere. However, there is an option in the CMD itself to allow you to copy and paste textual content at the Windows command prompt.

In the current days of this tutorial, we will discover ways to Allow copy and paste text at the Windows command prompt. One of the many important advantages of this is likely to be that you can copy any command you discover on the Internet or any word / excel file and paste it directly into the CMD and execute that command identical to it.

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How to activate the Copy folder in CMD (Command prompt)

Step 1: Open CMD, simply type CMD in the search or press the Win + X key to select Command Prompt.

Step 2: Right-click on the CMD window title and choose Properties similar to those shown in the figure below

like 04

Step 3: You will notice a pop-up window popping up, now on the right side, in Edit optionsJust check Quick Edit Mode and click It’s ok

Step 4: Everything is ready, now just copy any text from here or from anywhere else CTRL + C keys and right-click on the CMD. You will notice that the text has been automatically pasted into the CMD. Please understand that it is important to use CTRL + C to copy text.

Likewise, in case you want to copy text CMD to paste elsewhere Just choose the text in the CMD and, again, simply click with the right mouse button. Your text is copied and ready to paste into any document you need.

This does not limit you to simply text, you can even copy the file or folder path and paste it into the CMD. The entire batch you need to type manually can be copied from somewhere and pasted into the CMD with this little Tweak

So this was just a small tip that I needed to share with my readers, so that you don’t have to type any long commands in the CMD which, if typed incorrectly, can cause errors. I hope this post helps some of you.

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