2020: Best Hollywood Movies Based On Hacking for 2020

2020: Best Hollywood Movies Based On Hacking for 2020

Hollywood movies based on hackers – People fascinated by hacking computers and networks should read this article, as it will inform you about the Best hacker-based Hollywood movies. In these films, you can see how they broke into computers and achieved their goal, whether good or bad. For technical people, these films are perfect and they need to watch it. When watching these movies, you may also be aware of hacking and computer security crimes. These films offer an exciting and fun hacker-based experience. Most hacker films use social engineering to invade an individual and organizations.

Here is our list of Hollywood movies based on hackers. These movies don’t show you how to hack, but just motivate you to hack. You need to use your ability to learn how to hack and cyber security. Nowadays, Google has the gigantic collection of websites that they offer hacking tools, tutorials and E-Books to.

Hackers (1995)

The name of the film itself shows that it is based on cyber hackers. This film is based on the cyber war between a boy (called Zero Cool) and another role of the famous actress Angelina Jolie (called Acid Burn). At a young age, Zero Cool is trying to shut down many PCs from his abilities, and he has to go to jail because of acid burning.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

This film deserves to be listed in the best Hollywood hacking movies for 2020. In this film, the main protagonist is Bruce Willis, who saves a great hacker who knows everything about cyber hackers and also knows that someone is trying to carry out an attack against the government. In the end, Bruce ends up working with Thomas, an ethical hacker who helps him deal with cyber gangsters. In this film, they give the Updated 2020: the best example of the cyber attack that can only be done in today’s era.

Swordfish (2001)

In this film, a young man who is highly experienced in his skills and the villain named Gabriel is convinced to break security agreements and earn money to recover his daughter. They can insert most of the money and government credentials. In this film, you can see the famous actress (Halle Berry) to convince hacker Stanley. It is an American suspense and action film, directed by Dominic Sena.

The Matrix (1999)

Matrix is ​​a sci-fi movie based on hackers, directed by Wachowski Brothers. In this film, they are in the computer system called the matrix that controls the world. The main lead is a machine programmer. It is the best rated science fiction film and thriller category and has an IMDB rating of 8.7 / 10. People who like fiction films should watch the matrix. It has three parts.

The Network (1995 film)

In this film, a girl named Angela Bennett, a computer programmer, knows all the secrets of governments that they don’t want others to know. After that, she finds herself fleeing from a strange enemy called hell. It’s a really fun movie, and the main actor in this movie is Sandra Bullock. She put herself in danger. This film appears in the category of action, drama and crime.

Blackhat (2015)

In the previous Blackhat film, the name of the film explains that Black Hat is a type of hacker who can hack computers and networks illegally and hack for monetary gain or fame. In this film, the Mercantile Stock Exchange in Chicago is invaded by anonymous people, and Viola Davis suggests that the FBI work with China to find the criminals. This film grossed 19.7 million and had a rating of 5.4 / 10 on IMDB. These films are not as well rated as many people are not involved in hackers and security-based films.

Tennis (1992)

In this film, there is an anonymous group of hackers who are proficient in testing computers and soon they are connected to the NSA and the Mafia. People who want their hacker groups or teams to work on security testing should watch this movie.


The above article on Best hacker-based Hollywood movies is dedicated to all hacker geeks in the world, inspired by hackers and security. These films can not only inspire you, but also provide insights into ethical hackers and computers and show you how hacking is done in different countries. If you have an extra suggestion about hacker movies, you can comment below.

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