Galaxy Buds Plus are easily repairable, put AirPods Pro to shame

In the last disassembly video, iFixit disassembled the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. IFixit labeled the previous generation of Galaxy Buds as the easiest to repair wireless ear plugs on the market. Galaxy Buds Plus continues this trend and scores 7/10 on its repairability scale. This is especially impressive when you consider that all Apple AirPods iterations are rated 0/10, making them practically irreparable. Galaxy Buds Plus, on the other hand, makes minor repairs and repairs a breeze.

We now recognize that the need for repairs to the wireless headset is relatively unknown, but it’s good to know that you have the option. In addition, a higher repairability score means that Galaxy Buds Plus is easier to disassemble, making them significantly cheaper to recycle when you need to dispose of them. The only real option needed to dispose of your AirPods responsibly is to return them to Apple. According to iFixit, batteries must be completely removed for proper recycling.

To do this with AirPods, the case must be completely destroyed, which can be a tedious – or even dangerous – process. On the other hand, the ability to easily disassemble and repair your Galaxy Buds Plus makes this battery removal process considerably easier. This means that if you want to repair your Galaxy Buds Plus or just get rid of it when it breaks, it will be much easier to do it responsibly.

What do you think? Does having a higher repair score increase the likelihood that you will buy Galaxy Buds Plus? And the fact that they are easier to recycle?

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