Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software

Update – 2018.08.05

Best Free Video Editing Software – It is the main legislation of filmmaking: regardless of how expensive your camera is, or how experienced you are in using it, your raw images will always be garbage. And so, when you try to add some professional polish, inserting a video editor can be important.

After all, industrial video editors can be very expensive, but you shouldn’t go that far. Whether or not you need to cut the clips to the size you want, add a soundtrack or subtitles, apply specific transitions or results, there are some cool free tools that can also help – and this is the perfect round.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2012

Windows Movie Maker it is extremely simple to use. Just drag and drop just a few clips on this system (most codecs are compatible) and they are instantly assembled in order; specific transitions and results are just a click edit

It’s as easy as adding a soundtrack, subtitles and credits, and you can save the results as a video file or add them to YouTube, Facebook and many different websites.

You can have a little extra management while you want, for example, to trim clips and use only a few fundamental options. The predominant focus of this system is on making it very simple to provide high quality films and, in most cases, half is a great success.

2. Kate’s video toolkit

Whereas there is nothing very impressive in Kate’s video toolkit, presents some major but useful enhancement options. Thus, you can trim files or be part of them, link two films to a transition, create a sequence of films with a personalized soundtrack and there is an easy file format conversion tool with the same efficiency.

video editor 01

There are also many limitations (you can maximize this system window to use its full screen resolution, for example). However, Kate’s Video Toolkit is extraordinarily easy to use. For those who don’t want to learn Help files and their editing needs are easy, it may well be an important choice.

3. Avidemux

Avidemux is a small but successful open source video editor that can help you be part of clips, cut them (without recoding) and apply an extended record of useful filters (add branding, cut, flip, rotate , resize, sharpen, fend off noise, adjust brightness, distinguishing colors and more).

video editor 02

Although this seems primary, there are many options and great controls to help ensure that the entire batch continues as you count, and a very good online wiki, which documents all parts. In general, Avidemux is affordable, as long as you are completely happy to spend a little time studying how it all works.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

Non-linear video editors may take a while to study and VSDC Free Video Editor it is not an exception (the absence of useful documentation does not help both).

However, when you persevere, you discover a capable editor with many features: design and choice tools, lots of color and lighting corrections, some useful filters, transitions, audio effects and extras.

video editor

When your challenge is complete, there are alternatives to reserve it for archiving, optimize your movie for a variety of mobile devices, and even burn it to DVD.

5. MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6

With a footprint of only 327 KB, you expect MPEG Streamclip be, effectively, little potent. However, this system opens several files, DVDs or URLs of video streams; you can trim, reduce, copy or paste elements of your footage; and has options to rotate your recording or export the soundtrack, while the Export dialog box provides extra control over the final video than some commercial products.

video editor

Not all the news is great – we had trouble participating again in some MP4 information – however, if you are simply looking for options for clipping and converting files, then MPEG Streamclip is worth a try.

Therefore, this is the best free video editing software, if you know more software than please, let us know so that we include this software on our list.

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