Do Encrypted Chats Protect Your Correspondence?

Interestingly, almost all modern messengers look more or less the same. It is not so easy to find differences in the work of these services. However, they still exist. The main thing is the security methods that messengers use when sending messages. Many of them use the secret chat function, which only the sender and recipient of the message will have access to.

Another thing is the encryption methods they use to protect the data.

So the question arises: which messenger to choose to protect your privacy for sure? We risk preparing several messengers for you, ensuring a high degree of security.

Encrypted chats: 4 messengers for instant use!


Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem of a new generation. It does not separate functional toolbars, but allows you to use everything you need in one place. Includes instant messaging, email, browser, e-wallet and a built-in mining bot.

All data is stored on each user’s individual servers. A private key that Utopia generates when the user registers with the ecosystem, opens individual access to all user data and to the functional possibilities of the system. Everything saves and stores using a sophisticated encryption method. The basis of this method is the elliptic curve25519 and the 256-bit AES.

Utopia is available for use on operating systems like Windows, IOS and Linux. In addition, it is expected that a mobile version will be launched soon, which will guarantee the complete operation of the system from any electronic device.


The service provides users with unique features, such as deferred messages, a dark theme, creating their stickers and GIF files. It also holds the record for attachment volume – you can send up to 1.5 GB.

In addition, the messenger offers a wide range of options for managing your mail. Therefore, there are not only regular, group and hidden chats, but also so-called channels. The latter is more like an online blog or magazine. The user can also manage notifications for each chat, setting deadlines.

Security has become the main idea of ​​Telegram. That is why it surpassed its competitors in the number of security measures. Standard encryption techniques include RSA-2048, DH-2048 and MTProto Protocol extended key encryption algorithms. Note the secret and hidden chats and the ability to search for an account by nickname only.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me is another very popular solution among messengers that focuses on protecting you. Wickr Me has been around for a long time and the reputation of the program and its creators has never been denied.

The program is based on open source code and uses end-to-end encryption; the connection between users occurs directly. Wickr has an encrypted chat function. Each chat can include up to 10 people. There is the ability to make voice calls as well.

We also cannot ignore file transfers in this chat. The sender can not only configure who will have access to the documents sent, but also for how long they will exist.


The program uses E2E encryption that protects all messages and allows you to transfer files of any type. There are messages disappearing. A phone number is used for registration, which is convenient for a quick connection.

There are no complaints about the main functionality: a well-built messenger with a large number of functions, different sound notifications, a built-in image editor and other interesting features.


Most of the security measures provided for in WhatsApp refer to secret chats. They use a protocol like Signal, which guarantees the confidentiality of correspondence. In other cases, it has the standard methods that ordinary messengers also have.

In terms of stability, WhatsApp is difficult to find fault. In most cases, the messenger works correctly. Signal quality during calls is also maintained at a good level.

Stay safe and secure on the Internet. Use only trusted messengers with additional security features.

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