Covid-19: Waze updates its maps with information related to Coronavirus

Covid-19: Waze updates its maps with information related to Coronavirus

Currently, most people do not drive much because of requests for shelter there, according to Waze. But the team behind Google’s navigation app knows that having access to specific details, such as road closures, can be extremely useful for those who need to leave home. That’s why the team turned to its network of partners in the Volunteer Communities and Waze for Cities programs to add information related to COVID-19 and critical locations on their maps.

The Waze community worked with the app’s crisis response team to ensure maps are updated with road closures, red zones and other useful details. Waze also launched a new feature that identifies locations that sell food and critical items with drive-thru and sidewalk pick-up options.

In addition, Waze worked with organizations WhyHunger and No Kid Hungry to put more than 30,000 emergency food distribution locations on the map of the USA. He invited government agencies to contribute to the COVID-19 landing page, providing a way to inform people about, among other things, road closures, medical examinations and food distribution locations.

Originally posted 2020-04-16 00:33:41.

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