2020: Best Closed-Back Headphones Right Now

2020: Best Closed-Back Headphones Right Now

As we are fans of headphones, the amount of reading and research we have done on the subject is something we really don’t want to admit. Due to our extensive knowledge, however, we wanted to continue our range of the top 10 popular earphones on the market. In this article, we mention the Best closed-back headphones models to compare and contrast. In the main consumer market, they are by far the most important designs. Let’s take a look at them.

Here they are Updated 2020: the best headphones closed behind now

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

We will use some from Sennheiser to deactivate our list as updated in 2020: the best closed earphones we have now. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, in particular, is perhaps one of Sennys’ most popular pairs of cans of all time. It’s worth watching your entire line of HD headphones, so we felt weird, we just mentioned one, but we did it because they have a very high score and are also closed. In the 280s, you get a clear, warm sound that is flat between all frequencies. They are also foldable and have rotating headphones for convenience. In terms of comfort, it is good that you listen for a long time and the entire construction is very robust and does not break easily. If you want a quick and easy answer to get a pair of headphones closed, take it and don’t look back.

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Beyerdynamic T5p

Let’s talk about heavy hitters. The Beyerdynamic T5p is crazy if you have a super high budget and they blow a lot of pairs out of the water if the high end is a priority for you. They are known to audiophiles as one of those updated in 2020: Better because they combine something called “Tesla technology”. They call it “offering maximum efficiency and crystal clear sound”, but as it is a little broad and unspecified, let’s see why. What’s embedded in these things is a high-tech composite material that starts paying attention to the smaller details of other headphones (at a lower cost, of course) – less vibration, more tuned harmonic sounds, systems tilted for more space a warm, accurate sound. Look at this beast if you don’t care about money and just want one powerful and one of the most up-to-date of 2020: the best closed earphones.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

What can we really say about these headphones? A-T is here to stay with your equipment for a long time. In fact, we are shaking some Audio-Technica ATH-M50x because we like to use them at work because they are very comfortable. The audio quality is also great and we have no complaints when it comes to frequency distribution and overall brightness. What is also good is that it has a replaceable cable (comes with three options in the box), you have a long, short and rolled option for any use you need. Adjustable headband, rotating and also folding headphones. The question for that is what doesn’t it have? There is a new ATH-M70x that you may want to see to increase, but the price is considerably higher. These are one of the best closed-end headphones of 2020, available out there, and will be long. They are simply reliable.

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Here’s another fan favorite in the audiophile world. The OPPO PM3 is sophisticated and is certainly in the highest price range of this guide, but for good reason. First, the internal construction contains some components more advanced than others with flat magnetic drivers. They also have high sensitivity and are made with fine details that other headphones usually ignore, which obviously costs more time and better material to increase the price (you get what you pay for). There are many features that make it one of the Updated in 2020: the best closed earphones on the market.

Particularly with flat sound, drivers are not just a beautiful component – crowned and designed to allow the three main frequencies to be part of clear, stereo sound. They are only about 10 grams, so don’t be afraid when it comes to pain or discomfort, combined with the soft padding it gives a nice and elegant fit. If you are someone who focuses on the finer details of life and especially headphones, you have the feeling that the sum of the parts is equal to that of the whole. These closed earphones are worth more than the price if you have the money.

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AKG K550

AKG is an extremely popular brand for headphones, we really love your microphones. This specific model of closed back is highly appreciated by audiophiles. The AKG K550 is still one of the 2020 upgrades: the best rear headphones on the market and come as lightweight and comfortable 50mm drivers (bigger ones aren’t always better, but they don’t hurt) and a very clear sound for them. They double for convenience, insulate sound well and are not too heavy when it comes to adjusting or price – they usually float around the M50x, but check the websites they sell for insurance. They will also not disappoint if you grab them. Audiophiles love AKG.

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Shure SRH440

If you’ve read some of our microphone reviews, you’ll see the Shure brand everywhere. Their headphones are also solid and we know many people who swear by these headphones when it comes to closed models. The Shure SRH440 is by far our best choice for 2020 Updated: Best economical combination of closed food cans – usually seen by a Benjamin or less on certain websites. You get a comfortable fit, adjustable strap, detachable handle, foldable construction and comes with a 1/4 inch carrying case / adapter. The brightness is great, and if you really want to turn it on, a headphone amplifier will always help. They are not comparable in quality to the more expensive models, but they do the job. Anyway, this is again one of the 2020 Upgraded: the best closed earphones at a super cheap price, compared to most studio quality models.

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Sony MDR7506

Here is another economic option that rivals the Shure mentioned above. The Sony MDR7506 is quite famous (we still have our pair after 10 years) and we have stood the test of time. They are very appreciated for their solid construction in general, they have great mid-range performance and bass with excellent sound. Although audiophiles like to criticize that the loudspeakers have a pronounced peak, it is still a solid headset at a reasonable price, if you want an evenly distributed sound. The cable is not detachable; therefore, if you want to be critical, you can, but in general, they are very solid. Whether you are debating this or Shure, we would follow what is cheaper today – we still have our MDRs here in the office and trust us, they have definitely stood the test of time. Overall, this is one of the updated 2020s: the best closed earphones.

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100

Now, these things are smooth. V-Moda may not be a brand you see near the local gym, but it is one of the most prestigious and sophisticated manufacturers of headphones on the market. They have some models, but we chose it especially for the Crossfade M-100 because of the high quality and popular reviews. First of all, you have one of the coolest headphones on the market (in our opinion), a variety of color options, super comfortable foam pads, 50 mm drivers, high quality material, deep bass and a wide sound and of course in general. They are certainly priced in terms of prices compared to others, but you get what you pay for: one of the most beautiful looks, sensations and looks that are there at the moment. If you have the money, this is definitely one of the updated 2020s: the best closed earphones in the world.

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Beyerdynamic DT-250

How can we get an article about headphones and mention Beyerdynamic at least once? They are well known for their open headphones, but the Beyer DT-250 system, especially the closed model, is also solid. It is generally seen within the medium price level and offers a light and discreet design, with a detachable cable. The sound is very balanced and the headband rests well with its smooth fill. The interesting thing about Beyer is that most headphones are equipped with interchangeable parts – cables, headphones and more. Although it depends on the person, BT is another brand that many will say grab or not worth. Check out this pair of one of the updated 2020 headphones: the best closed earphones, if you want something with an average price that still enjoys a great reputation when it comes to built quality.

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Sennheiser Momentum 2

To close our list of 2020 Updated: the best closed headphones, we wanted to end the strong ones. Sennheiser has more headphones that are worth buying than we count; Sennheiser Momentum 2 is fast becoming one of our favorites for several reasons. For construction, we have a solid brushed stainless steel and fine leather finish. For sound, we collected high resolution combined with deep bass in its neodymium transducers. More convenient is the in-line remote control for calls (yes, built-in microphone), changing the music and adjusting the volume. We do not recommend them for studio applications, but instead consider them as a luxurious and luxurious pair of relaxing headphones with a closed back.

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O Best closed-back headphones they are exactly as they sound – the back of the headphones has a solid or “closed” construction, allowing for superior sound insulation. Where headphones with an open stand have perforated plastic around the driver, closed headphones are a much better job of sealing your music and sealing out ambient noise. This makes them up to date in 2020: the best option for the office, on the go and anywhere you want to keep the audio in your headphones.

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