BMW 7 Series: Upcoming lineup will include an all-electric version

BMW 7 Series: Upcoming lineup will include an all-electric version

The next generation BMW 7 Series luxury sedan models will include a fully electric version, according to Autocar. The car manufacturer announced at a press conference that the next 7 Series cars will come in four versions: one with a gasoline engine, a diesel version, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric car. In addition, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of BMW’s Board of Directors, told attendees that the all-electric version will be the most powerful of the four.

Zipse told participants that BMW’s long-term goal is to coexist with different propulsion technologies. By 2023, the company expects to be able to offer 25 types of electric vehicles, including the electrified 7 series. The company is also preparing to launch the all-electric iX3 crossover, which is not arriving in the US, and the electric i4 sedan.

According to Autoblog, the zero emission model of the 7 series will be powered by the fifth generation BMW electric technology – the same technology that will power the i4. The next 7-series cars do not yet have a fixed start date, but since the current generation will not go out of production until 2022, we will have to wait a few more years.

Originally posted 2020-03-19 20:14:13.

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