Best Soundbars in 2020

Best Soundbars in 2020

Since modern TVs have become thinner and thinner, the demand for better audio has continued to rise. One of the solutions that quickly became the norm is sound bars. This type of speaker is made exclusively for TVs and home theater systems. With so many different models available on the market, finding the right model for your needs can be quite impressive. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive guide in which we have reduced the Best Sound Bars in the market. Our options include everything from entry-level models to state-of-the-art systems. That said, our goal was to show sound bars that are proven to offer excellent audio, regardless of the market segment to which they belong.

Purpose of the best sound bars

In the past, when televisions were as big as a washing machine, audio was not such a problem. Each TV had thick built-in speakers that weren’t that good, but at least they had depth. Nowadays things have changed considerably. Modern TVs try to be as thin as possible, leaving very little space for decent transducers. First, you had smaller drivers for the entire range, but that space quickly decreased. The result is that some brands install speakers with a tweeter format, which must cover a very wide frequency range. As expected, the sound is anything but decent.

This leads us to independent speaker sets. The loudspeaker on the shelves or even the loudspeaker on the tower has been around for some time, but it turned out to be an inefficient solution. First, not everyone wanted to invest in audiophile equipment, just to get decent audio on their TV. In addition, these systems are usually huge.

Enter the speakers on the soundbar and home theater systems. These are specially designed to be used as TV speakers. Having a thin and discreet sound bar is aesthetically much more attractive than standard speaker configurations. In addition, as technology evolved, the best sound bars were filled with very specific functions that significantly improved the TV viewing experience as a whole. To answer the question in the title above, a soundbar is a special solution for TV audio.

Best Sound Bars in 2020

Try to imagine the difference that a sound bar speaker can make if you’ve never heard someone else in it. Rest assured that investing in such a unit can completely change the way you watch movies and TV in general. If you like music, consider several criticisms of the record player, but if you like movies, this is the right choice. The models mentioned above are by far the most Best Sound Bars you can arrive at this moment. Fortunately, high performance is no longer exclusive to the main models, but can be found in affordable units.

Samsung HW-J6500

Best Sound Bars

Samsung’s line of curved sound bars, originally designed for its curved TVs. However, the quality of this system soon became known. HW-J6500 brings a very intense sound stage with an animated tone profile, supported by advanced functions. Although it is one of the most basic models in the family, it offers all the main benefits. While the lack of satellite peripheral equipment can prevent potential buyers looking for a complete immersive home audio system, the sheer quality of the output offered by the included soundbar and subwoofer can, for the most part, be an issue. . do. Especially the bass response makes this model a real winner in all aspects.


  • Curved design.
  • Very dynamic performance.
  • Strong features.



A clean and discreet sound bar, with multi-directional speaker configuration and a powerful subwoofer. LG has been on function about form, although the latter is not missing anything. This system brings an abundance of energy, a very good balance in the frequency range and all the correct functions. That is why it is the choice of value for the upper segment. The incredibly simple geometric design is a true triumph of aesthetic pleasure and functional versatility and means that the SJ9 is a model that works well in just about any environment you can imagine. This flexibility combined with its powerful sound stage makes it a device worth considering if you are looking for the home audio scene.


  • Simple and attractive design.
  • Much power.
  • Great sound stage.


Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro

Best Sound Bars

What sets the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro apart from the rest of the sound bars is the huge number of speakers it places on the table. We are talking about ten drivers on the soundbar itself, in addition to the subwoofer. In addition to the raw muscles, Shockwafe Pro comes with all the software solutions needed to harness that power. Although some buyers are intimidated by what appears to be a more complex configuration process due to the multitude of peripherals offered, we can guarantee that Nakamichi does an excellent job, accompanying you to the process which, in itself, is a fact. much faster and easier than you would expect. In short, the many speakers provided provide a tremendously attractive experience.


  • Surrounding sound.
  • Great performance.
  • Plenty of speakers.


  • Satellite volume control.

Yamaha YAS-203

The YAS series soundbar speakers have been a safe option for a long time. Yamaha designed the YAS-203 in a way that brings you a little bit of everything. Finally, this sound bar can take your TV viewing experience to a whole new level. If you are looking for a balanced medium-sized solution, this is it. Despite our aversion to the fact that you don’t get much visual feedback on the controls themselves, this model has many uses and is more or less intuitive when you know what you’re doing. It is also an excellent-looking device that stands out from the competition due to its curved front and glossy plastic finish. A bold submission and a good choice.

Best Sound Bars Under $ 100


  • Interesting design.
  • Good performance.
  • Good value for money.


  • No visual feedback on the controls.

Klipsch R-10B

Best Sound Bars

While most people are likely to spend less than a thousand dollars on a TV, some are lucky to be able to spend a little more. The advanced Klipsch R-10B is a sound bar for the lucky souls. Although there are few complementary systems that can showcase both skill and music, the R-10B manages it, with the subwoofer giving more weight to action films and rock tracks. It performed better than our favorite guitar bar, the excellent Pioneer SP-SB23W, in most of our tests. In addition to the price, Klipsch’s only real disadvantages are worse than normal Bluetooth playback (if you don’t have an aptX phone) and lack of input. In short, this is a reasonably first-class system, with an emphasis on sound quality.


  • Great design.
  • Impressive performance across the range.
  • Good value for money.


Sony CT290

CT290 represents Sony’s attempt to bring a complete package to the market entry segment. This system comes complete with a very clean inspection bar and a subwoofer unit. Although it is a 2.1 configuration, 300 watt power means that you get a healthy volume on request. It is likely that the majority of the system will disable some people, as this may mean that the CT290 cannot be placed in an existing installation or can be placed on furniture where the TV is switched on. That is why wall mounting is the best option and ensures that you maintain the flexibility and space necessary to fully enjoy this device.


  • Lots of production.
  • The great answer across the range.
  • Definitive value for money choice.



Best Sound Bars

The budget segment is more or less dominated by VIZIO’s SB3820-C6. It’s a square, standard sound bar, but it captures the kind of performance that is rarely seen in this price range. You get support for Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume. All of this in a compact package that produces 100 dB undistorted sound. The design is extremely standard, and that may not check all the boxes for people who prefer a statement when considering which device they can leave in the sacred entertainment temple that is their living room. But for those who don’t mind, the sound quality is enough to make that complaint a little small in the big picture.


  • It has all the right resources.
  • Versatile.
  • Good sound for the money.


  • It is not the best quality control out there.

Things to know before buying the best sound bars

There are several things you need to define before looking for the best sound bars in 2020. The best place to start is to determine your budget. This will limit your choices and make your decision easier:

Surround or stereo sound

So, when reading the comments, you should find out if you just want a sound bar or need something more. Home theater systems consist of a single sound bar, an independent subwoofer cabinet and two or more satellite speakers. This type of setup offers surround sound, but it usually costs a lot. The cheapest systems usually contain only a sound bar or a sound bar with a subwoofer. These are probably 2.1 systems.

Transducer configuration

Although there is real surround sound, where you have a sound bar and satellites behind you, the best option, stereo systems can also work well. The configuration of transducers or speakers has a lot to do with this. Some models come with separate tweeters and midrange drivers on the soundbar itself, along with an independent subwoofer. These are not real surround sound systems, but depending on the quality of the speakers, they can create the illusion of surround sound. At the end of the day, it comes down to how much you are willing to spend.

Best sound bars under $ 300


One of the most overlooked aspects of choosing the best sound bars in 2020 is the issue of connectivity. Some sound bars come with everything from an RCA cluster, optical inputs to HDMI ports, but not all. Checking which ports are available on your TV has a huge impact on choosing speakers from the sound bar. Make sure the models you choose are fully compatible with your TV set.

Wireless subwoofers

One of the most recent and popular options is the sound bar with wireless subwoofers. There are several important advantages in choosing this type of sound bar, which we have discussed extensively. Simply put, if you are not limited by the cable, you can adjust the position of the subwoofer in relation to your room. This, in turn, produces much better acoustic results.


As we mentioned earlier, the best sound bars in 2020 were designed to optimize TV audio optimally. This means that you have several functions available. The functions we talked about may include different modes, like night mode or voice control, but also different types of stereo or surround sound processing. Add Bluetooth connectivity, use multiple rooms and often things get messy quickly. the best way to address this problem is to learn what each role does for you and decide what you need. The reduction functions can affect the price of the unit; therefore, those on a limited budget should spend some time researching it.

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