Best Laptops For Kids

Best Laptops For Kids

With so many laptops available on the market today, there is no mystery as to which ones are suitable for your kids than others. From great design to the best parent restrictions, to the strongest, our choices for the best For Kids laptops will keep you and your child happy.

When buying a reliable laptop for your kids, you don’t have to worry so much about hardware, specifications and performance. Children do not need the fastest processors available and, at most, are happy to own their personal computers. Modern society has become a high-tech community and it shouldn’t be shocking for children to forgo regular toys for the latest tech gadgets.

Best laptops for kids

Dell Inspiron 11.6 Chromebook

Best laptops for kids

This Dell Chromebook comes as one of the most affordable deals in that ranking and is the best laptop for kids that you can buy right now. It offers a lot of computing power and access to more typical computer programs. While Chromebooks do not have access to the full range of programs available for Windows or iOS laptops, they are known as “silly” (or childish) evidence.

Although children can download certain applications or play games on an Internet browser, parental controls are simple to set up, and the amount that children can download to “disrupt” the computer is limited. Two additional features are the durability of the frame and the HD display for video use. For kids who don’t need more extreme games or media creation, this Chromebook is a great budget option for almost all other computing tasks.

Acer Spin 11 2 in 1

The Acer Spin 11 Convertible Chromebook offers versatility at its best and is perfect for your child’s schoolwork. It easily converts to laptop, presentation, tablet and tablet modes with its 360 degree inverted design. When creating school and productivity tasks, your kids will appreciate this laptop’s 11.6-inch CineCrystal screen with a 10-point multitouch design. Now, more than ever, the beautiful colored canvas will make schoolwork more enjoyable.

Watch your children learn and complete their work quickly, such as virtual communication via email, and the Internet becomes easy. Who says your Chromebook needs to be heavy to perform well? The Acer Spin 11 is an ultra-thin and ultralight device that your kids can easily take anywhere, weighing just 3 kg and measuring 1.5 cm. Overall, this is one of the best laptops for kids that you can buy.

ASUS Chromebook 11.6

Best laptops for kids

ASUS knows that the best laptops for kids must be tough! The ASUS 11.6 “Chromebook has a robust, spill-resistant design so you don’t have to worry. The rugged construction can carry drops up to 3.9 meters! When doing schoolwork on the ASUS Chromebook, your child can easily adjust the screen with the 180 degree hinge. The screen’s anti-glare function makes it easy for little ones to complete their homework. The 10-hour battery life of this Chromebook is the icing on the cake. Whether at home or at school, this laptop education receives a lot of love from parents and teachers.

Lenovo 2 in 1 Chromebook

The 2-in-1 Convertible Chromebook from Lenovo is an educational laptop that your child will love. It is style, safety and quality that will quickly meet your child’s needs for schoolwork. Lightweight and tough, this Lenovo Chromebook measures less than an inch and weighs less than 2 pounds. The Lenovo Chromebook has excellent connectivity and speed, so getting your work done on time is no problem for your child! The 11.6-inch screen offers excellent graphics and video, making school and multimedia work easy and enjoyable. Overall, this is one of the best laptops for children.

Samsung Chromebook 4

Best laptops for kids

Whether for your child’s education or adventure, Samsung’s Chromebook 4 is an excellent laptop option. With a 13.3 “screen, this Chromebook impresses us with its speed, starting and shutting down very quickly! It is an attractive laptop that meets military standards for durability, with integrated protection against high temperatures, shock, humidity, pressure changes or productivity. Your child can also use it for longer, with up to 12 hours of battery life. Perfect for multitasking, this Samsung Chromebook will have no problems with multiple tabs open.

Google Pixelbook

The first laptop of its kind with a built-in Google Assistant, the Pixelbook runs on an i7 processor. The lightweight aluminum body weighs just 2 kg and measures 10.3 mm. The Pixelbook’s touchscreen measures 12.3 “and is impressively versatile with a 360 degree screen. It is an extremely fast device that does not compromise on quality, so your kids can finish school quickly and easily. Although a little expensive, this is undoubtedly one of the best laptops for kids.

HP 14 Chromebook

Best laptops for kids

The HP Chromebook is simple and straightforward and offers good value for money. With a 14-inch diagonal HD screen with anti-glare features, this laptop is ideal for your children’s schoolwork and beyond! It runs on AMD’s Radeon R4 graphics, which provide crisp, clear images and videos. This dual-core laptop is lightweight and very easy to carry. The excellent battery life also makes it a perfect tool for your child’s education. With the HP 14 ″, you get the best performance and one of the best laptops for kids.

MacBook Air

The most recently Apple MacBook Air is a tough but thin and light DIY note that meets the needs of school children. Launched in July 2019, this laptop features a 13.3-inch screen and weighs just 2.75 pounds. Light as a feather, yes, but it is full of technical resources that do not fall short of the user’s expectations. When using your laptops, everything revolves around colors, graphics and mechanisms. The new MacBook Air offers it all! Image clarity and clarity is the name of the game.

It features a high-resolution Retina display that is infused with True-Tone technology and features 48% more colors than its predecessor. Available in gold, silver and space gray, this notebook is known for its excellent stereo speakers that surpass the previous generation. Other key features include two USB-C ports and the latest keyboard technology with added comfort and mechanism. It also wins in the battery life department, which lasts up to 13 hours.

Whether at school or play, the latest MacBook Air has unbeatable features. Your young children and high school students will love it, and they probably will until college!

Microsoft Surface Go

Best laptops for kids

Surface Go is the slightly more portable and less powerful version of Surface Pro 2 in 1 that many companies love. Some of the best selling points of this model for children are: it is light, it can be transformed into a tablet, it is an operating system that many parents know. It has a lot of computer power for most school, life and entertainment goals, and was created by a well-known brand. It is also at the bottom of the price range of the studied laptops.

If you need a multifunctional laptop with access to almost all the frequent programs, but without heavy resources for creating games or media, this can be a great solution. Another way to think about this device is that it is just a little more of a “full computer” than an iPad. Some areas where Surface Go is missing include a relatively small hard drive, which over the years can be a problem, as well as no built-in parental controls other than what comes with the Microsoft operating system. Overall, this is one of the best laptops for children.

Acer Chromebook 15

As your children approach a double-digit year, they need something a little more robust to support them in more demanding projects and clearer streaming. That’s why Acer’s latest 15-inch Chromebook is the best laptop for kids – or at least yours – that seriously enhances your child’s experience and computing needs, from design to great features like a screen full HD, fast USB 3.0 connectors and an HDR webcam. This laptop is ideal for teenagers, as you replace the lack of resources for children with a larger size, a more luxurious experience and a high price.

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