Best Hidden Top iPhone Secret Codes – You have to Try

Best Hidden Top iPhone Secret Codes – You have to Try

Like everyone else, your iPhone has its secrets and techniques.

Keep reading and we will inform you about a series of hidden codes that reveal secret actions. These access codes will discover hidden menus or act as direct commands. They provide more details about your device and adjust the current settings. Must read: 5 best hacking apps for iPhone 2016

Some settings can also be modified on the traditional iOS Definitions app. However, if you want to be one step ahead and impress your parents with your superior iPhone data, learn and get a big secret code on your iOS device.

Note that some tips do not work with all operators. It depends on the resources made available by each telecommunications company.

Here is a list of the latest and greatest Best secret code tricks for iPhone: We use the iPhone in everyday life; however, we don’t know much about the iPhone. In this presentation, we reveal some best iPhone secret codes for 2020.

3001 # 12345 #: Field test mode

# 50057672 #: SMS center number

* 3370 #: Enable or disable EFR (enhanced total rate), a method that improves the quality of calls from your iPhone

* # 06 #: Discover your iPhone’s IMEI number

* # 31 #: Option to hide your number of calls

* # 43 #: Check whether call waiting is enabled or disabled

* 43 #: Enable call waiting

# 43 #: Disable call waiting

* 646 #: Check the minutes remaining in the contract

* 225 #: Find out the current balance of your mobile account

* 777 #: Find out your prepaid account balance

* # 61 #: Number of missed calls

* # 21 #: Call forwarding status

* # 67 #: Call forwarding number

* # 33 #: Find out which mobile services are disabled on your phone

It is worth noting that you only need to use these codes and play with your settings at your own risk, if you are not sure which is the best result.

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