Top 10 Best Drum Sets To Buy Right Now

Nothing is better than grabbing a few sticks and making a rhythm with a high-quality and one of the Best Drum Sets. We remember when we received our first drum set for Christmas when we were about 4 years old and immediately fell in love with the whole process. There is something nasty about being able to jam (or join a band in a certain song) with a few different tones of drums and let our bodies do the rest of the work. Because we are such big drum fans, we decided today to view, compare and contrast the top 10 best drum sets on the market.

Here are the Top 10 Best Drum Sets To Buy Right Now

Pearl Road Show Series

As far as our research is concerned, we have concluded that this is one of the best drum sets on the market for a number of reasons. First, Pearl’s Roadshow series is extremely popular with drum lovers and the reputation of this group of kits is quite high when it comes to the overall quality and construction of the kit. It is a 5-part set with a series of high-quality, warm-sounding snare, cymbals and bass drum.

In combination with the great sounding and important pieces, the set also gives you high-quality hardware (the cymbals, hi-hat and snare standards are sturdy and balanced tripods) to guarantee stability while you play. There are also different configurations available to give you a number of choices, but this specific model includes a symbol standard, hi-hat standard, snare standard, pedal, throne, tom holders (two), a crash/ride hybrid (17″) and hybrid hi-hats (14″). With the Pearl Road Show series, you also have a pair of drum sticks (two pairs) and a stick in the box to give you a complete package.

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Gretsch Catalina Series

Here’s one of the best drum sets for the money, especially when it comes to the brand – a beautiful high-quality maple wood (7-ply) that adores a lot. Aside from the great and smooth, contemporary maple material, the sound is clear and easy to play. The inconspicuous GTS mounting system is a lot better than many others, and this helps to hold those drums and cymbals firmly. Their T-wing screws and bolts with rubber insulated cast drum claws also help with the overall construction of this drum set, making it well worth the money if your budget allows it.

After all, you have a support of 30 degrees and a natural skin to add to the overall quality of the kit. The Gretsch Catalina series is great if you can afford it. It is available in a few different finishes and configurations if you are looking for more than the standard 5-piece drum set. Don’t forget that you can always add it later.

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PDP New Yorker

You have probably heard that PDP drums appear in countless best-of-guides on the internet, especially when it comes to their snares (they made it a few times earlier this year in our best Snare Drum guide). However, here is one of their best-completed drum kits that is quite popular with many. Although it was difficult to choose a particular series of the brand, The New Yorker is solid because of the overall quality and yet the middle price level it offers – if many of the kits here are too expensive for you, this will still be some high quality and will not destroy your wallet too much.

In terms of functions, the PDP New Yorker includes a poplar-drum-shell, 45-degree-bearing edges and a few different styles (diamond and sapphire – actually their color). Many would consider this an entry-level set, but we would also recommend it for those who are only looking for the essentials without any fancy construction or shell material that will significantly increase the price. Overall, this is one of the best drum sets on the market right now.

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Odery Drums EYE.135-BS-EX(WS)

Then we have a pretty pin-pointed drum set here, and it was so loved by many that it was hard to ignore. This brand is quite rare and there is no viable amount of distribution \ information with their sets (although we have been able to find a link to it), but its quality still leads us to make this our top 10 guide early. This is a 4-part set that is included in their new “Eyedentity” series that is praised for the overall sound and for a carefully crafted scale and build of the set.

We love the Odery Drum Sets if you like excellent build quality and sound. It is equipped with a nice 10 x 7 “and 12 x 7.5” tom, 16 x 13 “floor tom, 22 x 18” kick and 14 x 6 “snare. It is praised that some Evans drum heads and shells are made of 50 % bubinga and 50% sapele (this material is what really makes this thing one of the best drum sets on the market).

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Pearl Export Series

Here we have another Pearl’s best drum set to check out. This specific kit is part of their export series and is praised for the decent price level and the clear and clear sound it offers. There is an ‘opti-loc suspension system’ (an easy-to-use and sturdy three-way attachment to promote stability), chrome hardware and solid tom holders. Watch the video demo for a great drum solo with the set in action. This is again one of the best drum sets for the money because of Pearl’s solid construction, mounting system and the great sound it offers.

The Pearl Export series is available in both packaged or lacquered finishes and in numerous colors (smoky chrome, jet black, pure white, red wine, electric blue sparkle, grindstone sparkle) to give you some options when it comes to aesthetics (we ‘ are all a bit worried, right?). It’s a bit more expensive than their Roadshow series that was mentioned earlier, so if you wanted to go a step higher in terms of quality and still want to get one of the best drum sets by Pearl, take a look.

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Gammon Full Size Complete Adult 5

This was one of the most popular and one of the best drum sets on the major eCommerce websites, so what it says is that it fits the build for trusting the quality-to-price ratio aimed at the wider masses, especially when you are just starting out. It is one of the cheapest drum sets in this manual and will not break your wallet. You have a full-size complete set with 5-part; hi-hat, crash, two toms, floor tom, snare, and even seat – you can use it right out of the box.

No high-quality maple wood, but that might not be what you are looking for – some of us just want a standard drum set to play with that keep up with our rhythm and has no fancy shell builds for a lot of money. The Gammon Full Size is crowned with a high-gloss black finish and some chain-driven pedals. It is by no means a professional drum set and we can absorb some heat to include it in the guide, but we really think it’s a good option to keep in mind depending on who you are. The customer reviews are also super positive.

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Gretsch Renown Maple

Here’s one of Gretsch’s best drum sets for the money (and they have a lot of them), and this is once again considered top-of-the-line and is well worth the money if it fits within your budget. This thing is super versatile – it has a great projection and attack with a crystal clear sound. Just like their previous drum set, this is also made of 7-layer maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges and amazing interiors (“silver sealer”). It is said that it emits a grooving atmosphere in the 1950s, but it all depends on how you position it and adjust it.

It certainly focuses on a specific taste when it comes to drum sounds. Combine with the overall build quality, the hoops of the Gretsch Renown Maple are ‘302’. Not to mention the suspension system is solid with their beloved T-wing nuts and bolts to ensure that this thing lingers for a while, no matter how hard you hit it. It’s a bit more expensive than the previous Gretsch series, so if you’re looking for a set of high quality with some great finishes, grab what you think is worth the money.

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PDP Double Drive

PDP is again working on one of the best drum sets that is more than just the standard 5-part and typical assembly system /build. This Double Drive series is there for the semi-pros and offers solid sustain and punch, high-quality demo heads with black cams and hoops, and some double kick action for those who can use both feet. The sound is spicy with large tones, and it is quite sensitive for your sticks to give you control over the speed of your beats.

The PDP Double Drive is recommended for those who wanted more than 5 parts in their already assembled drum kit for a decent price. It’s actually a bit lower than the higher-quality maple finishing kits we’ve reviewed so far, so if you’re worried about a double kick, a few more pieces, and a build that’s not entirely beautiful, then take a look at these drum kit for sure.

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Mapex Saturn V

If you have never heard of Mapex drums, they are there when it comes to a number of complete, high-quality drum sets. The Saturn V is one of their many high-quality series kits and offers us great professional sound, stability and build. Although it depends on the configuration and finishes that you are viewing, the maple and walnut shells create a unique atmosphere and feel. You have a choice for a rock or fusion focus, while you also get a set of 3, 4 or 5 pieces. However, it is not cheap, anyway. All Mapex Saturn V has a “SONIClear Edge” bearing edge. If it fits within your intended budget and you are not messing around, take a look at this beast. You will look for quality for a while, even if you are still at the beginning, but also want to look to the future.

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Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove

Last but not least, we have a specific set here that is not offered in configurations, but only this one. This is great for those who get in and want to remove all those options from configs/finishes for an immediate answer, not to mention the fact that it was made by one of the slickest drummers of the last decades (Questlove of The Roots). There are many reasons that make it one of the best drum sets on the market.

Together with Ludwig (they have a few traps in our best snare drum article), this 4-piece set gives you a 7-layer poplar wood, a dry and spicy sound, a load-bearing edge of 45 degrees for a great response, as well as triple flanged hoops if you like rim shots to give a pretty complete and essential package for a complete drum set. The Ludwig Breakbeats is great for smaller locations, apartments, home studios and more because it is not too big, but how you use it and where you are. It is also fairly affordable on top of everything.

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Final Words

If you have just started learning to play the drums, you are looking for a reliable, budget-friendly, and one of the best drum sets that will last the first few years of your drum life. As you continue, you must decide whether your next drum kit will be used for recording, gigging, or both, and go shopping with this – and a specific budget – in mind. Here we have recommended the Best Drum Sets for all styles and levels of players. Whether you are just starting out, you are playing in a band or you are a professional session drummer, these kits should help you get the job done.

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