Top 10 Best Bass Guitars Right Now

The Best Bass Guitars feels good in your hands, gives you the sound and the feeling you can visualize before you even play, and looks just as aesthetic as you can imagine. Because these factors are rather subjective, we wanted to find the best ten best bass guitars to give you a few options, because everyone will be different. As far as we can remember in childhood, we still get images of our father’s flashes holding his Fender bass on the stage in the small locations where he and his brother would play. As a bass player for 50 years, we recommend many novice guitarists to play bass before you start the other. Whether you’re here for your first bass or just ready to upgrade your existing setup, let’s go into details!

Here are the Top 10 Best Bass Guitars Right Now

Fender Standard Fretless

First and foremost with Fender you know that you get proven quality and reliability. The Fender Standard is a 4-string fretless (what is a fretless bass?) Electric bass guitar with an alder body and a handsome maple neck. The offset-waist body gives this model light and comfortable feeling while you’re jamming and it also has a playable narrow, fast-working neck with a fretless rosewood fingerboard making it quite easy to learn. The Standard Fretless delivers a wide range of beautiful bass sounds from two standard Jazz Bass Single-coil pickups that add a variety of tonal versatility.

This model also comes with jazz bass knobs in a vintage style that gives it a crisp, clean look while you slap some bass on stage. The Standard Fretless is on the higher price in this guide, but it should not be difficult to spend the money in the knowledge that it is a Fender, because Fender is considered one of the top dogs in the guitar world. If you want an immediate answer for which bass to buy and do not look back, this is certainly one of the best bass guitars right now.

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This has an almost demonic look, with the black body and pointed edges that give it a real rockstar feel, making it one of the best bass guitars if you have more of a traditional rock feel and a kind of aura. The F-104 is an electric bass guitar with a basswood body with a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. This model is equipped with an LTD DB-4 Bridge and LTD tuners, so it is able to hit all different types of bass sounds. It also comes with a bolt-on neck construction and a 35-inch scale with 24 extra jumbo frets in case you ever want to change your neck or replace the frets.

The pickups are passive ESP-designed SB-4B and SB-4N with active EQ, both of which are quite easy to get used to. The ESP is reasonably priced, and if you like the black, rocker finish of this bass, the F-104 is for you. It is known for its super-smooth and dreamy metal sound; however, we have heard from many other bassists who play this, such as jazz, pop, and even country – it knows no bounds, although it is preferred by medalists everywhere. Next time as the best bass guitar we have the dark ESP LTD F-104, and I’m not just saying that because of the black finish.

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Ibanez AEB5E

This Ibanez bass guitar has a 32 “scale AEL body, a spruce top, a mahogany body and abalone rosette chrome die-cast tuners that provide a clean look and overall feel. The AEB5E delivers a snappy low-end sound, whether or not amplified, and with the acoustic touches, the agathis body and sides give the bass a warm tone in any environment. This model also comes with an Ibanez piezo pickup and Ibanez AEQ-202T preamp with 2-band EQ and built-in tuners for quick and easy tuning and simple amplification with a natural acoustic coffee shop sound.

The AEB5E gives your music a warm, natural resonance that makes songs come alive and illuminates the setting you play in. This model offers a very good sound for the price you pay, and would sample must be considered in such a friendly way price. We know who this together with their traditional solid-body electric bass tackle their tool belt for ready to keep. The Ibanez AEB5E is an acoustic-electric bass guitar that provides good playability, has an attractive design and is very affordable, making it one of the best bass guitars for beginners.

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Rogue LX200B

The Rogue bass guitar has a curled maple neck, a quick and easy-to-use touch and a covered split in traditional style; the last two functions are designed to make learning on the bass easier. It has a black basswood dual cutaway body that gives it a traditional bass guitar look. The LX200B also comes with 2 single-coil pickups, 2 volume, and 2 tone controls. Of the 2 pickups, there is a J-style humbucker bridge pickup, and the other is a P-style split coil neck pickup; if you have two, you can capture a wider range of vibrations from your bass.

Although it has a traditional look, the dual-die-cast tuners and black hardware give it a more trendy design and finish. If you want to become a bass-rich machine, you have to look at the Rogue LX200B, which serves as a good stepping stone for you as a bass player. Not to mention the fact that you will save some damage to your wallet at the same time. Here we feel another model that is one of the best bass guitars out there, the Rogue LX200B.

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Fender Mustang PJ

As mentioned earlier, it is known that The Rolling Stones and My Chemical Romance are fond of this. This model is a 4-string electric bass guitar with an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and 2 single-coil pickups. The Mustang PJ is one of the best bass guitars that combine the hard sound of a precision bass with the soft touch of jazz bass. It is smaller than the standard Fender Mustang-like body and also has a short shell making it comfortable for people with smaller hands and even young people.

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It has a “C” -shaped maple neck and a small 30 “scale that ensures that every note you play with a strong harmonic richness is not ignored. From the two pickups, there is a P-bass split single-coil middle pick-up, and the other is a J-Bass single-coil bridge pickup. This is definitely one of the best bass guitars on the market, but it’s also reasonable for a beginner to learn too. This will also give you a great learning curve. You can not go wrong with the Fender Mustang PJ.

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Fender American Elite

We are now looking at one of the most advanced bass guitars on the market, the Fender American Elite. We call this refined because it is on the higher price in our guide – but with the price comes quality! Not to mention my father during the research for this article, this was his first and only answer for “the best bass guitar”. In terms of style and specific features, it is a double cutaway 4-string electric jazz bass with completely new fourth generation double silent single-coil pickups. It has a built-in 18-volt preamp so that it offers more headroom along with less noise.

This model also has a complicated profile neck and a newly designed Fender contour with neck bead comfort is the key. The “HiMass” vintage bridge and new bone-utility give the bass a natural, beautiful, debatable classic design. It also includes a redesigned “ABS” case in an elite form with TSA locks – most if not all models in this manual are not supplied with a cover. As I said above, this is probably one of the best bass guitars for someone with experience and a little more budget.

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Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. SB4

When I look at bass, I think two of the most important factors in deciding which one to buy is the size of the bass and whether it will be comfortable to play with. The SB4 fits both needs. If you are looking for something with a slimmer body, the SB SB4 is certainly one of the best bass guitars for you. It has a narrow 37 mm nut width making it a fairly easy to play bass. The hardwood body is smaller than most bass guitars in this manual and offers an active preamp and high-output humbucking bass picking. It also has a standard 34-inch scale that provides easy learning and playability. The Sterling is reasonably priced and provides all the tools needed to learn and become a successful bass player, and as I said before if you’re looking for something more compact, this is your man.

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Squier Affinity

It has a contoured solid alder body, the same style of choice from the great Jimi Hendrix. The pure vintage tone comes from 3 single-coil pickups, which take on the taste of classic rock tremolo with 5-way switching. It also features die-cast tuners that provide easy tuning and stability for the payment you pay. The head has a classic ’70s’ big’ feel, and a vintage 6-screw rocking trem. The maple neck of this model plays pretty fast but also feels good enough where it is not too fast. The Squier Affinity is definitely the most economical and practical bass in our buying guide. This model might be best for someone who tries to learn to play but does not have the biggest budgets. If you’re looking for something simple and a stunner for your money, then look no further than the Squier Affinity which is one of the best bass guitars right now.

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Dean EAB

The EAB is a full-sized bass guitar with a beautiful bright top and mahogany body, which I am a big fan of. It produces a deeper, fuller tone than another bass in this guide cannot match. It has a 34 “scale and 1-⅝” note – both quite standard for acoustic bass. The Dean is a good bass guitar because it can be played with or without an amplifier. It is also loud enough to jam with acoustic guitarists and has the necessary electronics on board to take you on stage when you’re playing, giving us a great versatility to go over multiple bass applications.

This is one of the best bass guitars for home recording because an acoustic bass conveys a solid sound without having to worry about wasting time with locating loudspeakers in your home. However, it comes with a passive piezo-recording system if you want to connect a bit of bass to a plug-n-slap. Here we have an acoustic-electric bass guitar, the Dean EAB – he is very affordable and if acoustic bass interests you, this can be the perfect fit.

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Schecter Guitar Research Riot-5 Session 5

The outdated natural look really shows the marsh body and the maple neck. It is certainly one of the more complex bass guitars on the market because it has 5 strings and a 3-band EQ with which you can dial in every tone. The Riot-5 comes with a pair of “EMG” pickups that give it a bit more flexibility when handling everything that is thrown on it. The “EMG” 35DC dual coil in combination with the low-noise preamp gives you very solid performance with minimal noise.

If you want to enjoy more of a mid-range sound, the Schecter also has an “EMG” 35J split in the bridge position that suits you. The Schecter Riot-5 is a bit more expensive, but if you want to make a few big bass sounds, do not miss this bad guy, who is the last, but certainly not the least. Finally up to our last model, the Schecter Riot-5 Session 5, which is one of the best bass guitars if you like something flashy.

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Final Words

Many people believe that the Best Bass Guitars are the simplest rock ‘n’ roll instrument to learn. And somehow they are correct, it is much easier to get a simple groove from a bass than to play a few chords on a guitar or a beat on a drum set. But to play bass well, you take as much dedication and skill as playing the guitar or drums. Most average guitarists can play bass, but very few can do well. Good bass guitarists are not unsuccessful guitarists who can not make a guitar with six strings, they are a different breed, they love the groove and low end.

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