Best Backup Apps android for 2020

Best Backup Apps android for 2020

Best Backup Apps for Android – Smartphones are becoming powerful day by day. We now depend on it more when it comes to storing critical data. Many of us are happy to get rid of some other devices, like our phones, now capable of handling many tasks with great applications. When it comes to Android backup, you can think of nothing until disaster strikes. Supposing your Android phone is stolen or broken and takes all the data on it? Or do you leave your Android phone in a puddle and need to do a factory reset to get back to normal? In such cases, you should suffer the loss of big data, unless you have a backup for your Android phone. Backing up your Android phone is a very important thing.

So, check out our list of the best backup apps for android for 2020 below and let us know what you think of our list in the comments section below. ?

CM Backup

Cheetah Mobile CM Backup is one of the most popular and highest rated backup applications. It does not back up applications, but it does back up contacts, messages, call logs, bookmarks, calendar information, alarms and user dictionaries. Unlike most, CM Backup is a cloud solution, so you will backup to their cloud and restore from there.


It is the other best backup application for Android and ensures that you will not lose valuable data. Helium comes in two varieties with free and paid versions. The first offers the ability to backup and restore your data on a microSD card or on your PC. This will cover everyone, but you will have to deal with ads and you will be missing out on some better features. The Premium version increases the bet by adding features such as device-to-device synchronization, automatic scheduled backups and cloud backup and restore through three fan favorites with google drive, Box and Dropbox.


If your main concern is around documents, photos and media files, instead of a backup of your contacts, SMS and other phone details, you should already be well served by cloud storage services like Dropbox. The cloud storage pioneer offers synchronized storage across multiple devices, based on cloud, for documents, photos and other important files, with automatic backups and 2 GB of online storage (expandable through promotions or premium plans).


Most backup apps for Android have a somewhat complex user interface that makes it difficult to quickly perform a backup or restore, however, truBackup is one of the few backup apps for Android that features a simple and beautiful user interface , offering its users something easier to work with. The application requires no root and backs up all your data, including contacts, SMS, music, videos, photos and applications. You should know that this application will only back up your applications and not the application data.

Backup your phone

Backup Your Mobile is a free backup tool useful for root and non-root devices. With it, you can back up various data, such as SMS, MMS and call logs, contacts, dictionary and more. User applications and some system settings can also be copied. If you are a root user, it also allows you to back up secure system settings, such as application data and WiFi passwords. The backups can be scheduled and stored automatically locally or sent to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Ultimate Backup Lite

Ultimate Backup Lite offers a combination of features for devices with and without root privileges. Thanks to an introduction and an organized user interface, it is easy to navigate from the beginning. It is possible to backup several file formats and areas of the smartphone, with SMS being the most recent thing to be included. You can send your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. For super users, you can also freeze the state of an application and restore it later.

Easy backup and restore

As the name implies, Easy Backup and Restore aims to be simple. It backs up applications and the usual variety of other things. This includes MMS, calendar and user dictionaries. You also have the option to back up directly to the device or to cloud storage, if desired. You will need root access to some features, such as application data and batch restore applications, but otherwise it is a relatively simple application.

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