Top 10 Best Ad Networks

Top 10 Best Ad Networks

Update – 2018.08.05

Best ad networks – We discuss which ad networks you select to integrate with your search to take advantage of the money when showing one of the best ads. However, all of this is effective and good. Which ad networks should you associate with? What is the best experience for your users and, at the same time, provides the best partnership? As we speak, we have launched our top ten choices, from experience, of the top 10 ad networks.

1 DoubleClick Ad Exchange

This is by far the largest advertising network owned by Google. He has entry into the largest group of advertisers in the world who pays the highest CPMs. It is the premium version of AdSensehowever, this is not a type of dinky minor updates. Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace that works perfectly with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers. It is a platform that links advertisers, publishers and networks that provide extra flexibility for publishers to set the charges for which they need to sell their inventory. If it is likely to be offered at the premium price you set, it will be auctioned on Exchange and the best paid ad can appear. Google ad change has an 80% share of publisher revenue.

2) Google AdSense

Adsense is essentially the most widely used and accessible ad network for publishers of all sizes.AdSense it’s very quick and easy to organize, as long as you’re in compliance with Google’s indicators. Ads are targeted based primarily on the content on your site and are shown as text ads, image-rich ads, or each, depending on your preference. Textual content ads can be customized to match the look of your site. Without CPM floors, AdSense can serve with 100% fill for everyone geography. AdSenseprovides 68% share of publisher revenue; and a 51% share of the publisher’s revenue for research.

3) TribalFusion

One of the biggest sharks in the promotion industry. CPMs are usually excessive ($ 0.60 +) and fill rates are good. However, they accept sites with at least 500,000 unique visitors each month, which means that smaller publishers will not have the opportunity. Their interface allows you to filter advertisers and ad categories based on your choice, which is good, however, organizing your standards will be a long and drawn out process. Although the interface is not the friendliest in the world, TribalFusion offers the highest quality advertisers and rates on a CPM basis. TribalFusion provides 55% share of publisher revenue. Visitor requirement for publishers must be 500,000 unique/ month.

4) OpenX

In OpenX, CPMs are at the top of the pile and can fill 100% in all nations. OpenX may be the next best performing ad network after Google Ad Exchange. Simply monitor traffic and eliminate any discrepancies in your stories. Your tags should not be used as a passthrough to avoid transparency issues. In summary, PixFuture tags should be used on first impressions so that visitors avoid getting stuck in iFrames and, due to that fact, pass all your Good inventory. In addition, it helps to attract more premium campaigns with higher CPMs.

5) Specific media

Specific Media only serves US based prints and can be 100% filled. Don’t forget to target only computers, as they don’t pay for mobile impressions. You can try to negotiate a fixed CPM fee during screening, however, each application must pass through a representative, so they will explicitly inform you whether they are interested in working with you or not.

6 Evolve Media / Crave

Evolve Media / Crave offers a lot of potential, however, this is a community that can take some TLC to maximize its benefit. The person’s interface cannot help you make changes to the account, so you need to submit to a representative whenever there is something you want to modify. However, wait for some time and your CPMs can perform very well. These guys don’t fill 100%, so be sure to have pass back tags configured and able to go.


These guys partner with Yahoo! Bing network and can monetize all geography with 100% fill. They only serve text ads, so it’s best to choose the color that matches your site and you can also check for variations to maximize CTRs. They provide standard and non-standard ad sizes, and the user interface allows publishers to create and customize their own placements. Take the time and CPMs have the potential to perform very properly.

8) Sonobi media

Sonobi is an ad network aggregator that can fill 100% of all countries. Sonobi is the value setting for any writer, as a result of a wide variety of advertisers that can cater to almost any vertical. They launched a new version of the consumer interface, which gives publishers extra control over their accounts, inventory and reports.

9 ValueClick (tcp Conversant)

This reporting interface is incredible. They will serve ads on all geographies however, not with 100% padding, so be sure to organize pass back Tag. You are able to do this in the user interface itself. You need to activate all campaigns to increase the fill rate and maximize efficiency, however, this is undoubtedly a test of community value.

10) PulsePoint

This is an ad network that allows you to set an order price for your inventory, which gives publishers the power to set a minimum CPM acceptable to them. It is also possible to set a “Performance price”, which tells PulsePoint how much a certain backup tag is paying and they try to exceed that amount when they cannot reach the requested amount. They are content with any website and do not require a domain whitelist.

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