A Complete list of Keyboard Shortcut keys

Familiarizing yourself with keyboard shortcuts not only allows you to get the job done faster, but it’s also more efficient. If your daily work depends heavily on using Windows, the items listed below are A complete list of keyboard shortcuts you may need to try. If there are any cool shortcuts we’ve missed now, acknowledge an alert.

Operating system shortcuts

1. Windows

2. Mac OS



Browser shortcuts

1. Google Chrome

2. Internet Explorer

3. Mozilla Firefox

4. Maxthon

5. Safari 7

Microsoft Office shortcuts

1. Microsoft Word

2. Microsoft Excel

3. Microsoft Access

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

5. Microsoft Outlook 2013

Adobe shortcuts

1. Adobe Illustrator

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe Acrobat

Originally posted 2020-04-14 11:29:56.

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