8 Best Blogging Platforms on Web for 2021

8 Best Blogging Platforms on Web for 2021

Web blogging platforms – If you want to start blogging, the most important thing to consider is 2020 Updated: the best blogging platform for your blog. Selecting 2020 Updated: The best blogging platform for your blog will create an amazing product for you and your visitors. Blogs are a unique way to connect with the world. If you express your passion for your hobbies, blogging to connect on a personal level with others or blogging to help promote your business can be an excellent way to connect with the world. Many blogging platforms allow you to create your blog for free. Let’s take a look at these 8 best platforms that allow you to create a free blog and express your own opinions.

1. WordPress.com

WordPress is probably one of the 2020 Updated: the best open source blog platforms today. After planning to become a WordPress user, you can set up a WordPress blog on your (self-hosted) server or create a blog hosted on WordPress at WordPress.com. WordPress.com, the world’s most dominant content management system and blogging community. Without a doubt, WordPress is 2020 updated: the best CMS in the world, but it is also one of the most influential blog community sites in the world. WordPress helps you make your blog more design-friendly and SEO-friendly. If you want a beautiful design blog, WordPress is 2020 Updated: the best option for you.

2. WordPress.org

The .org version of WordPress provides features almost similar to those of .com, but it also offers additional customization features for all types of bloggers. This WordPress.org option works well for those who want complete control over blog customization. However, it is not an easy platform for beginners.

WordPress.Org allows you to install your custom themes and plugins to make your blog exactly the way you want it. To use this platform for your blog, you will need to find your host, make routine backups and manage the blog on your own. WordPress.org requires that you have some basic knowledge of how web servers and the installation process work.

3. Blogger.com

Blogger.com is a free blog publishing platform from Google. If you want to create a new blog for you, this platform will be more suitable for you. If you don’t know how to create a website, create your blog and share text, videos and images. You can also add Google Adsense to your blog and earn a dollar amount using your blog, but the condition is that your blog is good at ranking and you have signed up for Google Adsense.

4. Tumblr.com

Tumblr is a widely known online blogging platform that appeals to younger masses. With over two hundred and twenty million blogs and over one hundred billion posts, Tumblr takes less than a minute to allow you to start your blogging journey online. Tumblr is a powerful microblogging platform that will help you start one in a few moments. On Tumblr, you can find and read blogs in different categories, such as games, art, elections, sports etc.

5. Squidoo.com

Squidoo.com is a blogging platform where you can create a beautiful blog as needed. You can also win on Squidoo by getting a lens from your blog. You can get lenses making your blog popular and getting more and more traffic. You can write articles and earn money, which makes Squidoo the best for those who work from home.

6. Joomla

If you need a complete content management system (CMS), Joomla is another good option for you. Joomla may have a bigger knowledge curve than WordPress, but it can be much easier to use than Drupal. Large corporations and businesses prefer this type of platform as it offers flexibility with a wide variety of content options. Joomla, however, can be more expensive than others. Although the first month is free, later, a blogger will have to pay between $ 20 and $ 100 per month, depending on the options and updates desired.

7. Hubpages.com

Hubpages.com is also writing and winning blogging sites. On this website, you can quickly write, create and publish your blog. Attract readers to your blog and be popular on the web and also earn from getting more and more traffic on your blog. So, if you like to write and want to earn money through blogs, just publish your thoughts and earn at home.

8. Medium

Medium is a new blog platform, started by Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2012. Medium is a social journalism platform that doesn’t offer many personalizations. The Medium platform provides a complete WYSIWYG editor to write your content and publish it online.

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