8 Android Apps To Boost Internet Speed

8 Android Apps To Boost Internet Speed

Update – 2018.08.05

Android apps to speed up the Internet – Here are eight Android apps that can help increase the speed of the Internet to tolerable levels. Note that some of them work only with rooted devices.

Internet Optimizer and Optimizer

internet booster and optimizer0

Internet Booster & Optimizer is an Android application thatcomes with a collection of instructions that prioritize the browser among the many different applications that are using the Internet. Which means you can get extra speed from the available Internet connection. Normallypauses secondary applications that may be using the Internet, clears RAM and cache and frees DNS to allow much of the Internet speed to be used only by the browser.


2X faster internet

faster internet 2x 02X faster Internet offers a useful method for get extra speed on 3G and 4G mobile networks. The application was designed using special programming scripts that can increase the speed of the Internet to approximately twice what is available. This provides a greater Internet user experience.It really works advantageously with all rooted and unrooted Android phones. The application shows ads that may be disabled.

downloadInternet Speed ​​Booster


The Internet Speed ​​Booster isa simple to use app with an elegant and minimalist design. It makes use of aunique algorithm that can improve your Android device’s Internet speed with a single touch. The Internet Speed ​​Booster app was developed according to a method that works flawlessly with rooted apps, in addition to non rooted Android devices.

downloadInternet Booster (Root)


Internet Booster (Root) uses a different technique to get more out of the available Internet connection. Mainlymodify system ROM settings extend the speed of the Internet to 40% to 70% higher than before. Internet Booster (Root) works only with rooted Android devices, which impliesallow superuser privileges to run this application correctly.

download Free Internet Speed ​​Booster


Free Internet Speed ​​Booster is another application for Android that can show you how to get rid of the slow Internet speed. It will increase the speed of the Internet from 40% to 80% higher than normal inimproving Ping latency, stopping the application in the unnecessary background and managing stability between parallel connections. The free Internet Speed ​​Booster does not require a rooted Android device.

downloadInternet Speed ​​Booster 3G / 4G


Internet Speed ​​Booster 3G / 4G applicationallows user to load websites and stream movies at speed equal to 3G / 4G Internet speed. This could improve the speed of the Internet from 30% to 40%. This depends on the signal strength that can be obtained on the Android phone at the moment. This app works for every Android phone with and without root.

downloadInternet Speed ​​Master


Internet Speed ​​Master is a pleasant application, with around 1 million installations worldwide. The app adjust TCP / IP settings by modifying system information to improve Internet speed your Android device. It is recommended to make a backup of your device’s content material before trying this application. it isdesigned for almost all types of ROM and can be used for all Android devices.


3G Speed ​​Booster


3G Speed ​​Booster is a small size app that helps you get extra speed from your 3G. There are some background applications that consume excessively Internet bandwidth, 3G Speed ​​Booster scans all applications in the background that may be using the Internet and disables them display twice the Internet speed on your Android device. This application works effectively only with 3G networks.


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