2020: Best 55-inch TV for 2020

2020: Best 55-inch TV for 2020

Superior Samsung TVs (like the UN55KS9000) shouldn’t cost their premium value, as the high image quality is almost the same as the cheaper UN55KS8000.

Whether or not you imagine that OLED technology has the longevity to work next to improve the screens of TV shows, there is little doubt that it provides probably the most spectacular high image quality at the moment. And whenever you pair OLED display technology with the Extremely HD decision, you have a superior display screen on the LG 55EF9500. The high quality of the coloring is unimaginable with this screen and the OLED provides the deepest blacks you will discover on a suitable 55-inch TV now.

The Sony XBR55X850C is a good option if you want to prove yourself in the future, however, you don’t want to spend a lot of money mainly. It is less than the Samsung UN55KS8000 above. However, it is usually a few hundred cheaper. Moving images seem mostly right.

Vizio M55-C2 4K LED TV

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

Those looking for 4K decision on a 55 inch TV, in addition to saving some money, will respect the Vizio M55-C2, which presents the perfect value on a 55 inch 4K TV. This mannequin is not flashy in any space. However, it offers good image quality and excellent efficiency at a real value. This mannequin is easy to organize and use. When scaling the programming of the HD decision to the 4K decision, the high image quality of the M55-C2 does not reasonably correspond to higher priced fashions, and this mannequin struggles with blurred motion at times. However, the little value of this mannequin is inconceivable to disregard.

Samsung KS9500

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

The Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV is not the perfect model for this year. However, it is very closed and presents the best specifications of 4K LCD TV programs that we saw this year. Only a few different LCD fashions in larger ranges and OLED won this mannequin for sheer visible influence.

KS9500 TVs provide magnificent ranges of peak brightness that devalue 2015 SUHD TVs from last year, even with the JS9500 with cutting edge lighting not being able to compete with this mannequin’s maximum peak smooth output of 1400+ nit

Sony XBR-55X810C

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

While the Sony XBR-55X810C 4K TV does not stand out from the others on this list in any particular space, it has many very nice options at an affordable price that makes the 4K 55 inch TV more useful in all aspects out there. This mannequin has a stable, high-quality image, and its ability to increase HD programming to 4K is robust, as is the case with many of Sony 4K’s most beautiful TVs. If you are someone who uses the Google Android platform on your smartphone, you will respect the Android TV interface of the XBR-55X810C’s Sensible TV platform, as many applications that you can use on your smartphone can be found on this 4K TV as well.

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Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

Similar to the EF9500 mentioned above, the EG9600 is considered one of LG’s absolute best performances through OLED technology and was widely considered the most efficient 4K TV for 2020 by some reviewers. With the EG9600, you get the same excellent distinction and efficiency as HDR, along with managing the brightness and darkness of a corresponding pixel, which makes OLED a marvel compared to the perfect LCD TV show. In addition, the EG9600 features excellent WebOS 2.0, good connectivity specifications and input for a wide variety of the newest 4K UHD streaming content material and strenuous media sources.

Samsung KS9000

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

Equivalent to the KS9500 described above, the KS9000 has all the specifications and ranges of identical perfect dimensions, but it also comes with a flat screen, which undoubtedly favor the artifice of curved design. This is a 4K HDR TV, like just a few others, and so far, at least, only Samsung’s different fashions offer the same efficiency or greater efficiency, as long as there is maximum brightness, distinction, richness of colors and general distinction. In reality, just like its cousin KS9500, the KS9000 features a degree of difference that is unimaginable, beating even Sony’s X930D almost three times and making it a little higher than Vizio’s perfect P 2017 HDR TVs.

TCL 55FS3850 Smart TV

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

Although this TV is a simple unit, probably providing only an essential display option, its integrated Roku TV interface is extraordinarily efficient and polished.

Roku also features original packaging containers that can be connected to any TV. However, this TCL mannequin has the Roku interface incorporated immediately into the TV software program and is the basis for its good performance on TV. What the search operation on Roku is among the best in the real TV market, and more than 1,800 applications are included.

Sony KDL55W800C

Top Ten 55 inch TV 2017

The Sony KDL55W800C is a 55-inch full HD decision from the big television, so it falls slightly behind the 4K choice items available on the market.

Its good performance comes from Google’s Android TV interface, which is a necessary improvement over Sony’s previous correct internal TV interface. Those who are already intensive Google / Android / Chromebook customers will respect the good performance of TV on Android. In addition, the KDL55W800C has good voice management on TV, which greatly speeds up problems.

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