5 Best Torrent Apps for Android & iOS

5 Best Torrent Apps for Android & iOS

Update – 2018.08.04

Best Torrent apps for Android and iOS – Now, with the help of great apps, it was very easy to download torrent files on Android and iOS gadgets. These apps are suitable for almost all versions of Android and iOS. If you need to download torrent files to your devices, you need applications that can directly download these files to your devices. These torrent apps will help you to check how downloads are being processed on your desktops or how you can transfer these files.

For those who used the torrent app on their Android device, they will get to know the quality of that app better. So, guys today I’m here with a list of 5 best torrent apps for Android and iOS is discussed below.

5) Rutracker Downloader

Initially, it also intended to download content from a specific website – the famous torrent site rutracker.org. But you can use the Rutracker Downloader app to download torrent content from other torrent sites.

4) Bit Torrent


The Official BitTorrent App for Android is uTorrent’s twin sister app if I can say so. Also with a different brand and some changes to the user interface, this app is a true copy of the uTorrent app. If you are really looking for a remote torrent app to manage or upload your downloads to your computer, you can also try this app.

3) uTorrent Beta


Perhaps most of you who use torrents daily have heard about uTorrent, arguably one of the most popular torrent clients in the world. There are no download speed limits or size limits for torrents. The verification of uTorrent Beta application and the only thing that keeps me from saying that this is the best torrent app for Android is the fact that it’s just Wifi at the moment.

2) Torrent Tracker


The name of the app suggests just something about that app. Torrent Tracker is one of the most popular torrent apps on Android devices. The advantage of this application is that it has safe browsing. Secure proxy is used by this application and goes by in traffic over SSL to regulate torrent search.

1 Kickass Torrents


This app is one of the best and latest apps of torrents that are available to Android users, but so far it has managed to build a reliable fan base. Many users are well known about this application as they are active users of the website. The developers of this application recommend that it be used only on devices with ARM processors.

So above, it all comes down 5 best torrent apps for Android and iOS. I hope you enjoy it, so don’t forget to share this post with others.

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