3 Free Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

3 Free Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

Update – 2020.04.14

Fixed download and upload limits and speeds for any user on your network. In addition, protect your business by preventing and registering access to blacklisted sites.

Tools to restrict or limit transfer and upload speeds from the Internet: The amount of software on a typical PC that wants to access the Internet for updates or, as a result, requires Internet access to run is steadily increasing. Until you have an excellent fast connection to the Internet, when there is something that requires a lot of bandwidth, it will often slow down different problems that are also using the Internet. For example, downloading files using an Internet browser and playing a game on the Internet at the same time can limit the efficiency of the game and make it almost impossible to play with high pings, as the browser is monopolizing the width bandwidth, leaving very little to the game.

One of the 2020 updates: the best ways to get around this disadvantage is to limit the download speed from the web to the online browser process, in order not to damage the connection. Certainly, types of functions similar to obtaining bit-torrent managers or buyers usually have some kind of upload or download rate setting to not flood the connection and allow problems like Internet browsers or Skype to function well without an excessive amount of problems. However, most different types of programs that access the Web do not have the same function.

One answer to this problem is to limit Internet bandwidth through the use of traffic shaping software, so you can prioritize which applications can access most of the connection they want, while others will have to wait until the solution is over . Software similar to NetLimiter, cFosSpeed, Net-Peeker and SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager are good for this activity, but, unfortunately, they are shareware. There are some free tools that can help, here are just a few for you to see.

1 NetBalancer

NetBalancer is an Internet traffic tool created to present a complete management of the priorities of the applications and processes that operate on your computer. You need to use NetBalancer to set a download or upload throughput priority for any application and, in addition, monitor Internet traffic.


There are a few methods in which you can limit the traffic that every application uses. One is to do what most torrent managers and clients get, which is ready for a specific amount for download or upload fees. While this technique works, it is not dynamic as a result of when you set the browser download rate to 100 KB / s, while games, when you finish games, more bandwidth is likely to be free, but the download will be 100 KB / s until you change it manually. NetBalancer has another extremely efficient way to limit traffic by setting priorities in your applications. Which means 2020 Upgraded: Best Priority programs have the first possibility in bandwidth, but when they don’t want to, those with a low priority can use it when it’s down.

After setting the necessary priorities and limits, you can see what is happening with the help of several useful options. NetBalancer can display all system processes with their speed of entry and exit, all traffic downloaded and loaded for any process, a graph of live traffic and information about all active connections in the process. It is possible to create guidelines where you can set the limits for specific times or periods and, in addition, it is a separate icon from the active traffic window / tray.

The free version of NetBalancer is limited to 3 process priorities / limits at a time and 3 completely different guidelines can be configured, which need to be sufficient for common use. If you want to exceed this limit, register the full version for $ 29.95. It really works on Windows 2000 for 8. Also read: How to disable Windows 10 updates


2) Traffic Shaper XP

As the title suggests, Traffic Shaper XP it is another traffic shaping application, however, it has some very advanced options compared to NetBalancer; however, this also has a disadvantage, as setting traffic-limiting guidelines is more difficult and less easy to configure.

Traffic Shaper XP

Traffic Shaper XP does not list running processes, so you can simply click on a program and set the limit or priority. As a substitute, it is advisable to know in advance the port being used by the program and to manually run the Wizard to add rules or monitor live traffic in the lower half of the program window and correctly click on it to create an identical rule.

By following the wizard, you can choose which network adapter, course (upload or download), Upload / download speed to restrict, port, IP address and the priority of the rule. A useful performance of Traffic Shaper XP is that, after creating a rule, you can close that system, and yet it will continue to shape your web bandwidth. It will control web traffic in the background.

Traffic Shaper XP has a few points, among which there is no formal support for Windows Vista, 7 or 8, although it appears to have worked well when viewed on Windows 7 32-bit. Another disadvantage is the restrictions imposed on this free version, which are similar to most of the 5 guidelines, support only the TCP protocol and the real fact that it can form up to 3,687 kb / s and no more.


3) Shunra Nimbus

It is a very simple tool to use, with only one configuration option; however, keep in mind that Shunra Nimbus is NOT suitable for any operating system above Windows XP and can cause Vista or 7 to crash.


It actually works a little completely differently from the tools above, because Nimbus will limit bandwidth across the system, so it might be more useful if you want to limit one system while playing or downloading to another that uses the same connection with the Internet. The only option available is to choose the speed of the bandwidth that you only need to limit and then click Run. It has settings from 14.4 to 256. These numbers are calculated in Kb (kilobits) per second and not in kilobytes, so you divide the number by 8. Therefore, 256 means that you are limiting the Internet to 32 KB / s , which is obviously very slow by standards this time. Leaving this system will return traffic to normal. Shunra Nimbus is no longer available or listed on the official website.


We hope you enjoy the article “3 free tools to restrict or limit the download and upload speed on the Internet” Stay tuned for more updates.

Originally posted 2020-04-19 06:12:52.

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