10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps

Update – 2018.08.05

Indispensable iPhone Applications – You probably have (or are expecting) a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, it will have some killer hardware. However, even with the latest and greatest phone, it’s still all about the apps. Listed here are the top 10 that can help you take advantage of your shiny new toy.

1. Downcast

$ 2.99

If you’re a podcast junkie like me, your iPhone won’t be half used because it’s without a podcast picker and player. After going back and forth with just a few completely different ones for years, I decided on Downcast ($ 2.99) as my main source. It has deep options, lots of options in the settings and a beautiful interface.

downcast application

2. Easily

Free; $ 4.99 per month for Premium

The collective and cultural obsession with productivity leads us to shave just a few seconds here and a few seconds of our busy lives, realizing that, over time, the seconds add up to minutes, hours and days of your life that could be spent more. I’m a fan of the EasilyDo “personal assistant” app (free; premium subscription starting at $ 4.99 a month), which helps save valuable seconds every day for you. EasilyDo automates small and easy tasks in your life, corresponding to texting your different vitals while you leave the workplace later than usual. A new feature from the release of iOS 8 is the way it integrates with the notification center. Pull down the Notification Center, and your appointments in the EasilyDo calendar and different information will automatically appear. Touch any merchandise to dive from there. For its many features, EasilyDo is a must-have iPhone application.

Easiydo app

3. Evernote

Free; $ 45 a year for Premium

Everyone will inform you to download Evernote, however, few are able to put in phrases why such an incredible service. Evernote is an exclusively private tool. Everyone makes use of it in another way. This free app syncs all types of notes, such as textual notes, voice memos and photographs, and then makes them extremely searchable. It doesn’t look exciting; however, the second you determine your personal use case for Evernote, you will never look for a replacement. The application stands out as a simplified word processing program and integrates with dozens of different iPhone applications. When it comes to the organization, looking at concepts and writing things down, Evernote for iPhone does the heavy lifting.

Evernote app

4. Gmail


The standalone Gmail app for iOS searches all your email in a much simpler and faster way than the pre-installed Mail app. This functionality alone makes the application vital for the iPhone. It may be the main application for Gmail. It is clean, fast and helps multiple accounts. If research is of the utmost importance, you can positively recognize the Gmail app, even when, like me, you find yourself using each app. Gmail is the editors’ clear option for email on the iPhone.

5. Google Maps


Google Maps is persistently one of the most used apps on our iPhone. In fact, it is, however, one of the best free map apps you’ll get on an iPhone, period. You can search for addresses and get step-by-step instructions in real time. If site visitors appear to be an issue, Google Maps can work around it. Cyclists in selected areas will discover routes with inexperienced prominence to direct them in a safer direction. I would certainly like to see some improvements (better integration with saved map areas, for example), but Google Maps remains one of the best. It is an application that every iPhone owner should have.

google map application

6. Instagram


Facebook’s social mobile image platform (which is a number of adjectives; try to say 5 times faster) Instagram remains one of our favorite places to share images and see what our friends are up to. New tools added this year make it a significantly better photo editor than in previous versions. You can now modify not only brightness and contrast, but also shadows and highlights, sharpness, color temperature and saturation. What made Instagram such a success is not its prowess in editing images, but rather on its social networks, which the application retains in large quantities. The mix of the previous social network and the new tools leads to a significantly improved Instagram experience. This application is the alternative of our editors to improve and share social photos on the iPhone.

instagram app

7. IMDb

Free; $ 149.99 a year for the Pro

My main source of details about movies and TV is the IMDb mobile app. An abbreviation for “Internet movie database”, IMDb, owned by Amazon, is an exhaustive bank of statistics and figures about actors, managers, films, community revelations, unbiased videos and more. You can search for virtually any movie or TV show and discover the entire solid list, operating time, director, posters and trailers, plot synopsis, trivia about the title and what awards he lived in or was nominated for. A properly designed interface, but not overly stylized, facilitates navigation, although you can end up causing a lot of rabbit holes, as one web page of information results in another, and another, and so on.

imdb application

8. Last pass

Free; $ 1 per month for Premium

You want a password manager. To be honest, my loyalty is not to anyone in particular password manager (just get something, anything! I encourage you!), But LastPass (free; $ 1 per month for Premium) always selects Editors here in PCMag based on our tests. With the launch of iOS 8, LastPass integrates with TouchID, the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and new help for extensions in Safari mobile. This means that your fingerprint will allow you to unlock your phone and automatically log in to websites. Pretty cool, right? Taller than cool, it’s safe and sensible, as you don’t have to remember all your passwords. LastPass takes care of that, which means that you can have unique passwords for all your logins.

Honorable mention to Dashlane (free; $ 39.95 per year for Premium), another glorious alternative password supervisor for publishers who additionally take advantage of the new features of iOS 8.

Lastpass app

9. mint


Everyone should have applications for all bank accounts on the iPhone, for these times of emergency, when it is essential to examine their stability or do other monetary maintenance. No matter how loud the Mint iPhone application is. Mint provides insight into all of your monetary accounts, from checking and savings accounts to credit cards. By unlocking this app, you can see pending transactions, account balances, all your net worth and even the remaining stability in your personalized monthly budget. Mint is one of the best options to keep an eye on your funds.

mint app

10. SwiftKey


A big change for iPhone users starting with iOS 8 is the power to insert custom keyboards, and SwiftKey is the first to try. Custom keyboards are just that – personalized – so you might need one that works for you, however, on Android, SwiftKey has been reliable enough that we can imagine the iPhone will be successful properly (it’s early, but!). This sensitive digital keyboard learns in the best way you type and the phrases and phrases that are important to you, consistently adapting to your type to make smarter and extra accurate predictions about what you are trying to say. And its self-correcting performance is excellent. While the app is free, you can pay for more options.

SwiftKey-Keyboard app

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