How to turn off Do Not Disturb While Driving

Do not disturb was already an excellent resource for iPhone; Do not disturb, as driving can save lives. Instead of blocking notifications just for comfort, stay away from distractions, while driving when surprising noises and off the lit blue screens can be harmful.

The disadvantage of this feature, however, is that, in terms of security, it is so fallacious that people end up becoming disinterested and turning it off completely. In both automated modes, you must verify that you are driving; however, people generally find it activated when sitting in the passenger seat or in a practice. So this is how it is turned off.

Turn it off manually

When iOS thinks you’re driving and activates Do not disturb, a message will appear on the screen saying, “You are not receiving notifications while driving”. This message is persistent: when you use the Raise to Wake feature to activate the screen at any time during your “journey”, it indicates that it is still there.

Tap on the notification and then on the tap I’m not driving. This will disable Do not disturb.

Change activation settings

If you were impressed with the feature (and especially when you plan to emulate the situation that simply confused iOS sooner or later), you may have thought about trying to change the activation settings.

Open Settings and choose Do not disturb> Enable. There are three options, however, the second (when connected to automotive Bluetooth) is in fact restricted to them with appropriate cars. You start from this mechanically and manually.

However, when you select Manual, it is highly recommended that you enable the feature while driving.

1 final thought: do not disturb, as driving is great when sending responses to friends, so they know you’ve activated it. But the commonplace do not disturb is usually more of a thriller. See how to tell if someone is using Do Not Disturb.

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