Apple Series 4 iFixit Teardown Shows a Refined , Inside and Out

Most people had released the new Apple Series 4 over the weekend, but iFixit stands out. Inside, we find a larger battery with a larger motor.

Apple Series 4 iFixit Disassembly

Fix Apple Disassembly 4

According to iFixit, Apple clearly reflects internal and external redesign. They say,

Apple seriously considered Series 4, providing new boxes, new buttons, new monitors and new features. And they actually painted behind the fence where the first inner elements seemed to be wrong by Apple's standards and not polished. Our decomposition system has developed a simplified antenna system, a larger and finer screen, a new digital conductive ECG crown.

Despite the body details, the Apple Series 4 has a 4% battery than the conventional model. This is from 3 series 1.07 Wh to 1.113 Wh.

They also noticed that a large taptic-type engine takes up space. This can be used for more batteries. Of course, Apple did not think there was enough faucet before.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Unboxing Apple Series 4}

With rearranged speakers, Apple can remove one of the 3 Series vents. Now the barometric sensor is hidden behind the speaker, so you do not need your own hole.

IFixit gives the Apple Series 4 6 possible repair results in 10. This is the same score as the Apple 3 Series.

The Apple Series 4 is available at retail stores and on Apple's website. The price is $ 399 for the 40mm model and $ 429 for the 44mm model.

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I hope you enjoy the news of the Apple Series 4 iFixit Teardown shows a refined, inside and outside. Stay tuned for more updates

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